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Company Profile
Pro Brand is a leading designer and developer of advanced antenna and RF systems for the satellite, telecommunication, and telematics sectors.  Pro Brand serves the leading North and South American DBS operators, wireless carriers, and has extensive expertise in related verticals such as Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs). Through its in-house engineering design team combined with advanced R&D labs, state-of-the-art feed range and an indoor compact antenna range, Pro Brand offers shortened time to market and a complete end-to-end solution.


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Whats New?

1.2m Antenna

Introducing Pro Brand’s latest addition. A 1.2 meter  one piece powder painted galvanized steel Ka/Ku,  Rx/Tx antenna. Elevation range is 0-90 degrees with 360 degree continuous skew adjustment for global applications. Features fine elevation and patent pending anti backlash azimuth fine tune adjustment. Mast interface is  2.378” with 6 locking bolts. Operational wind load is 50Mph with 125Mph survival rating.

LTE AntennaThe Pro Brand 4G LTE antenna is a MIMO patch antenna optimally matched and designed for Verizon’s LTE spectrum band. It improves reception and transmission of data over 4G LTE in low signal lying areas and boosts performance and quality of service in strong signal areas. The high performance indoor/outdoor LTE antenna includes an indoor stand and wall mount, and a low loss dual coax cable with SMA connectors.